True Colours – 2018 Collection

Lift the ordinary to create extraordinary

Lift the ordinary to create extraordinary

One of the toughest challenges to face in business is figuring out how to stand apart from the competition. The market is a crowded place and to attract the right customers, you need to be big, bold and extraordinary. This applies to every area of business from customer services, expertise and the products you sell. If you can demonstrate that you take what might be considered ordinary and elevate it to a new level of luxury and quality, you will soar above the competition.

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Creating the extraordinary out of the ordinary is what we do here at Gemar® on a daily basis, but our new range of True Colours balloons really flies with this concept. We have been inspired by the most beautiful colours we see in the environment and used them to create our new 2018 collection. You see nature provides us with the ordinary; the mints, the lilacs, the blues, the pinks, these striking shades surround us and we hardly take any notice of them. We want the True Colour range to emphasise the beauty that mother nature has gifted us and lift the ordinary to create extraordinary.

When you have these exceptional, high quality, bold and vibrant colours in your range then you have something that your competition doesn’t. Anyone can stock pink balloons so how can you demonstrate to your customers that what you have is unique and worth attention? You have to ask yourself if your shade of pink balloon is extraordinary? Will it stand out, does it have the potential to be your best seller?

It will be with Gemar®.


Bundles of Joy

Another perfect example of extraordinary is the miracle of new life. When a new baby comes into the world then it is truly a time for joy and celebration, these are the moments we want to hold onto and treasure so they are cemented in our memory forever.

To mark this uniquely beautiful time, Gemar® has equally unique balloons so that your customers can elevate their own celebrations. We are particularly proud of the diversity of products catering for all occasions from baby showers, gender revealing parties to first birthdays and everything in between. The balloons come in various shapes, sizes, colours and designs that will stand out and be noticed, we imagine that even the new arrival will be mesmerised.