2021, La Bellezza

Recap of the year

The world has rediscovered the beauty of mother nature as we were forced to slow our lives, to stop and notice the wonder around us. Being in nature has brought us peace and calm when we needed them most, and that’s not something we want to lose. Sustainability has always been important to everyone at Gemar and now you can celebrate with eco-friendly balloons in gorgeous natural shades.


We have kept apart for too long and in 2022 every occasion can be a party and every party is a precious opportunity. No moment will be left to pass by unmarked. This year we will take every event to the next level and make memories to last a lifetime. Life is too precious to let any more slip past unnoticed.

This year we will be lifting the moment, making memories and working together to build a future full of hope. We hope that you will join us, after all it’s amazing what we can achieve when we all work together!


In the meantime, we will be taking some time out over the Christmas and New Year period, returning on Monday 3rd January 2022. We hope you have a wonderful and relaxing start to the year. Perhaps there will even be time to enjoy a moment of tranquility in nature – well wrapped up of course!