February “Air Meeting” with Irina Lobanova

Love is in the Air!

Gemar Ambassador Irina Lobanova truly celebrated the season of love when she launched a brand new, and totally unique, balloon event – just in time for Valentine’s day 2021.

Air Meetings are a totally new concept, combining the opportunity to learn balloon art from one of the best in the industry with a portfolio-boosting photography session. The morning is spent working together to produce some stunning balloon sculptures and decor. Of course, Irina is always on hand to teach the student’s new techniques, answer questions and make sure everything runs smoothly. It’s also an opportunity to come together as a team, network with other balloon artists and forge new friendships.

So far, an Air Meeting is not unlike other balloon events, but everything changes after lunch. With the workshop portion over, the students have the opportunity to get changed, apply make-up and do their hair. This isn’t just about getting glammed up, the students discuss scenography and how to use elements like clothing and location to create an atmosphere around the balloon art.

Then everyone assembles once again for a photoshoot. These are a huge amount of fun, as you can see from the smiles in the pictures, but they also have a practical purpose. Students leave with top quality photographs which they will be proud to share in their portfolios, on social media and even on their websites. It’s a fantastic way for a new balloon artist to get the material they need to promote their business.

This month the sculptures featured a lot of pastel colours, reds and hearts – very appropriate for an event that is sure to be loved by everyone who attends. Air Meetings will be held every month in Novorossiysk, Russia.

>> Pictures of the event <<