April “Air Meeting” with Irina Lobanova

Picture Perfect in Novorossiysk

“Air Meetings” are a new kind of balloon seminar, created by Gemar Ambassador Irina Lobanova and held in Novorossiysk, Russia.

This is a unique event designed to perfectly meet the needs of students who may be building a balloon business but don’t yet have the big portfolio that they want to share.

Of course the day includes the opportunity to learn new balloon art techniques as participants work together to create beautiful installations. Under Irina’s expert guidance you can be sure that the team will produce stunning backdrops and imaginative displays.

This month they included a whimsical unicorn backdrop with pastel flowers and glowing neon lights, a sophisticated black and white circle decorated with stunning flowers in Shiny Pink, and a smaller display that made use of the new Shiny Modelling balloons alongside animal prints.

The magic of the Air Meeting happens in the afternoon, when everyone has the opportunity to take part in a mini photoshoot with the balloon installations. Hair, makeup and outfits can all be changed and participants pose with the balloons to get some fabulous pictures. These can then be used in their portfolio, social media and website as they work to grow their businesses.

Looking through the pictures you can see how much fun everyone had. The images are bursting with energy and personality as the participants tried out different outfits, props and poses. They will certainly be a very special addition to any portfolio.

>> Pictures of the event <<