28th October “Air Meeting” with Irina Lobanova

A Delicate Touch

When students arrive at one of Irina Lobanova’s Air Meetings they can be sure of two things. First, that they will be receiving expert instruction in everything related to balloon art and scenography, Irina is a very talented Gemar Ambassador after all. Second, they will leave with beautiful pictures to go with all their beautiful memories.

October saw two meetings, one was a special event held in Moscow but of course the regular monthly meeting went ahead as well. The balloon community of Novorossiysk would never allow it to be cancelled! Familiar faces, now quickly becoming lifelong friends, gathered as usual to collaborate on some stunning sculptures.

This month’s pieces had a delicate feel to them, including a beautiful braided heart that made the perfect centrepiece for a gender reveal party. Including both blue and pink, the secret was well hidden until the new parents each popped a balloon to release a cascade of tiny blue bubbles and confetti.

An elaborate backdrop in shades of brown used concentric circles to bring out the beauty of geometric predictability, broken only by the stunning pink flowers that decorated it. In sharp contrast, the students also created a much more organic structure. Looking like strings of blue beads, this frame curled and looped to create a lacy backdrop and was perfectly complemented by blue flowers and a froth of white balloons.

Three very different sculptures, each unique, yet each one displays a lightness of touch and a delicate structure. We can’t wait to see what the students get up to next!

>> Pictures of the event <<