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For this exciting trip we flew straight to Greece, for the first ever GemarDay in the Hellenic peninsula, with our partners and friends from balloon.gr!

The event was held on the 20th of November in our partner Balloon.gr’s  Head Quarter.  45 participant took part, full of energy and with the desire to learn new concepts around the balloon’s world.

Claudio presented the Gemar Creator platform, he showed on the screen to all participant how to build a wall on the App and he then taught how to create foam board compositions.

A fun and interesting part was when Claudio designed step by step a Christmas tree in Gemar Creator while Federica was building it simultaneously next to Claudio, in real life!

Federica then took over and gave the class a lesson about Candy themed creations, where all the guests built their own balloon Lollipops!

It was then time to separate guests in groups, for the creation of the big Rainbow and Star Arch, taught and explained step by step by Vincenzo, the result was some colorful arches perfect for a vibrant and thrilling party!

A special thought goes to you balloon.gr, thank you for having us, for the great hospitality and congratulations for the great work you put in what you do every day.

A thank you goes to the guests that took part in the GemarDay event, it was our first time in Greece but surely it will not be our last!

We at Gemar had a great time and we are looking forward to spending some time with our Greek friends again very soon, always Lifting The Moment together, like the big family we are!


Here we are in another appointment with Irina Lobanova and her magical event “Air Meeting” that are always a gift for the students and for those who watch.

You never stop learning, this time there were 3 sculptures carried out by Irina in the meeting, full of innovation, creativity and a touch of magic, an immersion in the world of fairies.

The work done by Irina and her students resulted in 3 creations focused on the importance of the background, giving a Shiny balloon wall with white clouds the light needed with the addition of shining moon and stars using LED technology inside the balloon.

In the second scene Irina created a fairy background, a composition of balloons in the shape of human dimension wings, she would turn anyone into a fairy!

In the third and final creation, Irina has developed Shiny balloon columns, of different sizes, combining a giant bouquet of wonderful flowers, such a romantic touch!

As always, the team had a lot of fun, refining the techniques of balloon art and being photographed with the result of their work, always learning something new with super Irina!

From the 14th to 18th of November, the “Experience Course for Wedding Planner & Event Coordinator” was held and directed by Cira Lombardo” with Accademia del Wedding  in Villa Feanda, an event venue not far from Naples.

On Wednesday the 16th of November, the balloon workshop was held in collaboration with Puerta Balloon Style and sponsored by Gemar Balloons, which gave participants the possibility to carry out their work giving balloons and inflators.

Gloria Veta began with the presentation of the Gemar world, demonstrating how balloons are manufactured and the working methods for a better and more sustainable future, explaining how the company is committed to the corporate sustainability initiative “Global Compact of the United Nations” of which it shares the principles on human rights, labor, environment and the fight against corruption and support for the Sustainable Development Goals.

On the day there was the presentation of our App Gemar Creator, presented and explained by Claudio Casagrande, who gave a detailed explanation on how to build in the app a pink ballooon wall and showing how the program can be useful for Wedding planners, while Puerta Balloons style simultaneously held a class building the wall on-site while also involving all the participant in the creation of a troop of inflatable Bears.

We would like to thank Cira Lombardo for the opportunity given, we had a great time!

Looking forward to the next event together. Ciao!

On Wednesday the 9th of November the Bulgaria Gemar Day 2022 took place in Sofia, a professional course in balloon decoration in collaboration with the Gemar Partner Ukrasi.

The event was attended by Gemar Masters Claudio Casagrande, Cristian Olibardi, Roberta Pinto and Gemar Talent Federica Fois.

It was Claudio to begin, who gave a detailed demonstration of the Gemar Creator platform, available from January for all balloon artists and not.

Claudio during the explanation, created on the platform in digital format a Balloon wall, identical to the one present in the event hall to make his demonstration clearer.

The first practical lesson was on Cristian, who created together with the participants 15 Star Arches arranged in a row creating a tunnel, following the theme Candy Style.

It was then Federica‘s turn, among the excitement for her first lesson, she built together with the participants 15 beautiful hearts using Gemar’s  Heart shaped balloon kit.

Roberta was the creator of the wonderful Christmas tree, also using the theme Candy Style, the practice lesson carried out not only included the realization of the tree but also all the smallest decorative elements.

The event in Sofia was a real success, considering the participation of 150 people, mainly from Bulgaria but it is important to note that artists from Serbia and Macedonia also travelled a long way to join us in this amazing event.

It was a really big pleasure to spend this day with all of you and to bring you a little bit of Italy.

150 people joined us for this wonderful event. The Gemar Family is growing and we are happy to continue supporting the Bulgarian Balloon Society.

Thank you to Ukrasi, we are really looking forward to another GemarDay together. See you soon! Ciao!

It’s been a week full of surprises at the Balloon Boss Summit 2022, the event that was held at the Holiday inn Orlando-Disney Springs Area between the 5th and the 6th of November.

The balloon convention welcomed balloon artist Cecile Williams-Bethel straight from the Bahamas, who kicked off the event building Santa’s sleigh, with the help of some assistants.

Sunday morning went by creating the decoration that would be the main attraction. It was possible to employ the participants at the convention in the creation and there was an exchange of ideas on decorations for the upcoming holidays as well as giving a detailed explanation on balloons and Gemar colors and how to handle them!

On Monday, the class held by Cecile took place with over 100 participants, where it was possible to exchange ideas related to the world of balloons. The Gemar vendor was the right person for this event having years of experience in the world of decoration and in the business sector since she owns a successful shop for parties and events reselling Gemar balloons.

The workshop consisted in the creation of packages to be inserted around Santa’s sleigh, at the event you could already feel the Christmas atmosphere!

The event ended with an 80’s-themed neon party, where Gemar neon balloons were used for decorations, which gave life to the celebrations!

We would like to thank and send our congratulations to Gemar USA for the fantastic work done throughout the event, where the guys organized a lesson, a contest and a demonstration of balloons decorations and entertainment for all participants.

Congratulations also to all the participants and to Cecile for the great work expressed on the event and in the daily work!

The Gemar Workshop took place on 4th and 5th of  November 2022 in Norway, more precisely in Farsund, in collaboration with our local partner Fargerike Drømmer and  with our energetic and talented Gemar Ambassador Tampilipe.

Many balloon artists from all of Norway gathered at the Farsund Fjordhotel to expand their knowledge in this fascinating industry.

The first day began with the registration of the participants, the delivery of the goodie bags and with the video presentation of Gemar.

After a brief introduction, the work on the octopus started, first Tampilipe explained what techniques would be used and then once divided the participants into 4 groups, they all started working.

Tampilipe was surprised by how smoothly the work unfolded and the sculpture was completed in the late afternoon. As soon as that ended, all participants took part in the competition called “the second life of balloons”. The participants and Tampilipe spent a wonderful evening, where our Gemar Ambassador selected the winners of the competition and presented them with a lot of prizes!

Another added detail of the beautiful evening: one of the customers sponsored a delicious cake with the Gemar logo!

The second day took place around the theme “Love is in the air”. The participants were looking forward to this moment, since they had been waiting for lesson about the foam board for about two years. The techniques Tampilipe uses are phenomenal.

Once the instructor gave all the necessary explanations, the groups started working on their letters. A background wall was created with a “Love” inscription.

As soon as the group work was completed, another decoration competition was held using the Heart stand. The competition lasted an hour and each decoration was different from the other, original and very interesting.

On the second day a well-known Norwegian newspaper lister24.no visited  the venue, giving a detailed description of the event.

The participants were very happy to take  part in the workshop, they showed strong interest in the Gemar world, one of the participants said something that made us emotional: “If not for Monika and Gemar, we wouldn’t have had anything to work with during Covid.” These are the things that make us all very happy proud of what we do every day.

Thank you Monika and thank you Norway! See you soon!

On Thursday 27th of October, another GemarDay appointment took place in Brno, Czech Republic, a day dedicated to Gemar balloon sharing education, training and fun with our partners and participants.

On the day of the event, our Vice President Genesio Rocca travelled to Brnö to pay our respect on behalf of Gemar to the local partner and customers, accompanied by our Business Development Director Dominique Palladini!


In the morning there was the presentation and introduction to the public of the Gemar Masters Claudio and Cristian.

One of the classes was a demonstration of the macaron wall, using the technique developed by Gemar Master Claudio Casagrande, specialized in creating walls using G-Link balloons.

Among the various lessons, the use of the foam board technique emerged in Brnö, to design and create freestanding letters and numbers that will immediately catch the eye.

After the lunch break, Gemar Day event resumed with another exciting lesson, Cristian Olibardi created the perfect decoration for a gender reveal party. In the lesson, a large organic heart has been built, using blue and pink balloons, where participants learned how to combine balloons of different sizes to give it texture and bring the sculpture to life.

Among the various lessons, there was also the creation of Gemar Talent Ismaele Toma, where with the use of the circle he composed the gender reveal circle “It’s a Boy” with blue balloons and a Teddy Bear standing at the center of creation.

We would like to thank Smart Balloons for having us in Brnö, we enjoyed sharing with you our knowledge and expanding the Gemar family more and more!

Looking forward to our next event, see you soon, Ciao!

From 15th to 17th of October Gemar was present at the Party Industry Event that was held in Birmingham, where its talented Gemar ambassadors Tampilipe and Gergö held during the event two practice lessons.

The classes were held simultaneously in an interactive way, Tampilipe taught how to create Christmas balloon wreaths, where each participant had the opportunity to create their own, while Gergö presented the Gemar Creator platform, during the demonstration he created in digital format the same creation handmade by Tampilipe,  to make it clearer on how the tool designed by Gemar can be used.

At the event, Gemar sponsored a flash competition where participants received similar balloons and had only 15 minutes to create a Christmas decoration. The winner BalloonMiracles competition was announced and awarded the night of the Gala by our Gloria, with a box of Maxi Bags of Shiny balloons.

Gemar was very happy to take part in this event and visit and meet NABAS in the occasion of their 35th anniversary. Looking forward to the next meeting!

Gemar assisted Globo-Con 2022 in this incredible event with people from all over the world! At the balloon convention we were together with Gemar Master Vincenzo Musto Gemar Ambassadors Lia Leottau and Luz Paz and freshly announced Gemar Talent Natasha Diaz.

The convention began on September 11, 2022, in the Delta Hotels by Marriott event center where Gemar organized classes, contests, decorations, and entertainment until Thursday September 15, 2022.

At Globo-Con there were a total of 450 delegates and more than 35,000 Gemar balloons were used at the convention.

To prepare the Gemar entrance decorations there was a team of over 15 people helping for 9 hours to bring the “Celebration of Life” theme together. With great energy, Gemar team was dedicated to Lifting the Moment all week at Globo-Con 2022.

The Gemar introduction in Globo-Con was made by Luz Paz and her acclaimed “Level Up” large bouquet technique. The classroom was filled entirely with people eager to learn and have fun with Gemar Ambassador Luz Paz!

The second class of the day was held by Natasha Diaz with “Welcome to the Party” which consisted of a large organic decor where a ladder was needed. Most people fear to do these decorations because of the heights and Natasha explained how to make the decoration happen.

The Globo-Con opening ceremony was a bright and colorful ceremony which began by having the brands make a walkway for all the delegates. When the ceremony came to an end it was time for the Gemar balloon Jam, with over 60 balloon containers filled with different colors, sizes, and shapes. An incredible 2 hours of enjoying and getting to know the product.

The second day was opened by Gemar Master, Vincenzo Musto. This special class was the introduction to Gemar Creator, a software tool for balloon artists to create their designs online and easily share it to their clients.

Vincenzo’s first class at Globo-Con was a creative gender reveal decoration with an interactive part of the decoration that reveals the gender of the baby.

To finalize the second day of classes Lia Leottau took over the Gemar classroom to teach how she makes balloons the center of attention of a Christmas tree. Lia decorated the entire stage with winter-style ornaments that surrounded the Christmas tree.

Day two ended with the “Celebrando la Vida” celebration, a costume party that invited delegates to dress up as “The day of the dead”.

Day three begins with Natasha Diaz’s Jumbo class, teaching delegates how to use technology such as Cameo or Cricut printers to write messages or add details onto your balloon decorations.

Day three ends with Gemar Master Vincenzo Musto’s final class exploring the trending boho theme and new Gemar products! Many delegates witnessed him decorate the large new Gemar Balloon Heart Arch using various techniques to create a Boho-Love decoration.

The final day of Globo-Con began with Luz Paz’s Volume Technique. This technique was created by Luz Paz and it was the first time she taught it at a balloon convention. This class sparked the imagination of many delegates into creating their own versions of the Volume Technique. All decorations were exhibited in the hallway of the final ceremony.

The final class before the final ceremony was Lia Leottau’s Hot Air Balloon Remake. This class was the closing class for Gemar Balloons in Globo-Con. Lia used many colors, G-Links, modelling balloons, and standard balloons to create a crazy and interactive hot air balloon.

To conclude Globo-Con 2022, Gemar instructors built the entrance and hallway decoration for an elegant gala that had many awards. Gemar Ambassador, Luz Paz was awarded for the lifetime achievement award. Additionally, all Gemar instructors were awarded for their great leadership at Globo-Con 2022.

Here at Gemar we are all super happy and proud to be with our Team at the Globo-Con event 2022 and wishing to Lift more Moments together!

Winx Club and Ferrari Fashion School presented in Milan on Friday the 23rd of September the Press Event “Winx Fashion Couture”, the final event of the project that had as protagonists the students from the Ferrari Fashion School.

The six dresses made after a school contest by six student designers were presented sorrounded by a party for the Winx Club world that has millions of fans worldwide, on the 18th anniversary of the very successful cartoon created by Iginio Staffi, founder and president of Rainbow, an Italian animation studio.

On the colorful event, at the school premises the event has been decorated with Gemar balloons using mainly Fuchsia that recalls the cartoon of the 6 fairies accompanied by black and white. The installations made by our gemar master Claudio Casagrande,  were welcoming and full of energy, with shapes giving hints of magic, perfect for an event like this one, Lifting the Winx Moment.

We are happy and pleased that Gemar took part in such an amazing event, it was a great time. Looking forward to the next event!