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“Created in Italy”, is the name of the exhibition commissioned by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs that meets Melbourne, Australia this September.
Almost an atlas of the creativity and beauty of Italian industry, of a system of medium or small companies that nevertheless achieved the enormous effect of changing the history of the world’s material culture.

Delivered in the skilled hands and minds of two celebrated designers such as Giulio Iacchetti, Odo Fioravanti and Francesca Picchi.

We’ll appear in the exhibition with our bio-based natural rubber latex balloons; what will represent us at the exhibition is a creation called “U.F.O” which means as you know, “Unpolluting Flying Object”!
From the countryside of Frosinone, Italy, an area also known as the “balloon district”, the Gemar balloons take flights around the sky, but always leaving it clean when they fall, this time in Melbourne. They are totally bio-based hence the name of the creation U.F.O, an innovation in all respects that tastes of future, if future isn’t already here.

The fascinating thing about the exhibition is to encounter products of absolute innovation that win the international competition for functional and aesthetic quality and impose themselves everywhere. Very often starting from small towns of Italian provinces, a lesson we would do well to remember, on a personal and collective level. This exhibition is a custom-made installation designed by Mario Trimarchi.

The exhibition at the beginning of September left Italy and flew to Melbourne in Australia, until the end of the month. It has been delivered with the support of the Consulate General of Italy in Melbourne and it’s been installed at the LCI Art&Design Institute of Higher Education of the city.

The two former Ferrari drivers of the F1 World Championship, beloved by fans, lined up with the Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo, proudly sponsored by Gemar.

We figure as a strong partner of the Scuderia Baldini 27 Network supporting the team and drivers during the 2022 Italian GT Championship.

Giancarlo Fisichella and Rubens Barrichello made their debut this season at the Vallelunga circuit in the best possible way, bringing the Scuderia Baldini Ferrari 488 to victory.

The event began on Friday with a one-hour free practice session and continued Saturday with the second free practice, followed by the three official practice sessions that determined the starting grid of the two-hour race scheduled for Sunday at 3 pm.

At Italian Vallelunga circuit from Friday to Sunday Giancarlo Fisichella took advantage of the pole position, perfectly controlled the start and the two restarts behind Safety Car, without being intimidated by his opponents. The Roman driver managed to impose his own pace, strong character for a 488 practically unapproachable by opponents on the technical track of Vallelunga.

The next appointment, in three weeks, will be held at the Monza Circuit, and will decree the winning crew of the Endurance ranking of the Italian GT Championship, hoping to see again the “terrible” duo formed today by Giancarlo Fisichella and Rubens Barrichello back on track.

We would like to congratulate the drivers for the dedication, for the great win and wish the whole team success in the future.

Gemar Ambassador Tampilipe is very excited and happy to have been given the opportunity to attend this year’s Party Industry event “PIE” in October, at the University of Warwick. He’s an incredibly talented balloon artist, who will be sharing top techniques with participants as an instructor and a decorator.

Tampilipe’s has been inspired by the fast-approaching festive season, so you can expect to see everything, from garlands to Halloween spooky decorations to candy canes.

Gemar Ambassadors are influencers in balloon art who collaborate with Gemar balloons sharing the same values for balloons decorations made with a sustainable approach. Gemar is proud to endorse leaders in the industry and support the preservation of balloon modelling as a true art form.

This is why Gemar Talent Kirstin Tuddenham and Gemar Ambassadors will be present at the event and work on balloons decorations as one team with Tamplipe.

NABAS Party Industry Event is such an important event for the balloon and party community and Gemar is thrilled to be a part of it since we share core principles – from spreading joy by raising awareness of balloons, to educating the public on environmental issues and sustainable options.

Gemar Ambassadors are influencers in balloon art who collaborate with us sharing the same values for balloons and decorations made with a sustainable approach. Gemar is proud to endorse leaders in the industry and support the preservation of balloon modelling as a true art form.

At Gemar we are beyond happy and proud to be a solid partner, supporting the work and successes of the drivers and the whole Trasimeno Team. It’s Never two without three: on the 18th of September, with the photo finish victory in the second and final round of Mugello International racing circuit, Beatriz Neila Santos became women’s European champion in Supersport 300 category for the 3rd consecutive time.

The talented girl from Trasimeno Team managed to achieve the first step of podium by beating her direct rival by a handful of thousandths, remaining unbeaten in the Hall of Fame of the Championship without considering the Spanish biker’s young age.

We would like to send our congratulations to the Spanish rider Beatriz Neila Santos and all the motorcycling Team Trasimeno for winning the third consecutive title in the European all-female series and wishing a future full of successes.

We are happy to announce the participation of Gemar in the #DigitalPressDay event of Assogiocattoli. 

The thirteenth edition took place today Wednesday the 14th of September in the digital format, considering the excellent visibility and media coverage received  in the last two years, in collaboration with ANSA, NPD Group and for the first time, also with GfK in the field of communication of the main innovations in the toy-game sectors, early childhood items, holidays and parties ahead of next Christmas.

From the launch day of the event until the 21st of September, the pages had a total of 1.795 visitors, of which 1.606 were unique visitors, another relevant insight we collected from AssoGiocattoli was a total of 4.981 page views, with an average of 3 pages for each viewer.

We at Gemar were on air in live streaming with our Vice President Genesio Rocca, to discuss the delicate topic of attention to sustainability and how Gemar is committed to the corporate responsibility initiative of the United Nations Global Compact and its principles in the areas of human rights, labor, environment and the fight against corruption in support of the Sustainable Development Goals. Not only Genesio has explained the difficulties Gemar has encountered during the pandemic, what came out from this interview is the development plan of a new Gemar project named Gemar Creator that will be launched at the beginning of 2023.  

Last 8th and 9th of September we held the GemarDay Poland stop in the company of GoDan in Warsaw.

Gemar Masters Claudio Casagande, Vincenzo Musto and Cristian Olibardi hosted 6 classes in 2 days in which they explained different balloon art techniques.

The 1st decoration was called “Sweet Dreams” and Cristian created a beautiful rainbow arch shaped, he finished off adding heart shaped raindrops using the distortion technique. Pastel colors made this creation the perfect one for a baby shower or child’s party.

The 2nd was Welcome to the Jungle created by Vincenzo; this creation gets you to discover your wild side and lets your imagination go on a jungle adventure. You’ll learn how to create sculptures that bring your jungle scene to life and let you walk among the trees.

The 3rd and last sculpture of the first day had a Wedding theme and it was made by Vincenzo, who gave an inspiration for the perfect and easy decoration for a sensational weddings celebration with sophisticated style.

On the second day Gemar master Cristian made “Boho Dreams” where he got our mind to travel back to summer days. The warmth of the sun and the smell of fresh grass. What emerged was the perfect decor for summer weddings and parties.

Gemar master Claudio made the 2nd balloon creation named “Call of the wild”, taking us on the wild side using G-link balloons.

Finally, the creation made by Cristian named “18 on Fire” is an inspiration to make Birthdays and celebrations more than just a passing moment in time.

We had a great time in Poland! Looking forward to the next meeting!
Take a look at the event snapshots!

On August 27th 2022, Gemar took part in Save The Date Expo in Orlando, Florida, where it sponsored the first Battloon Challenge. At the exhibition, major balloon artists and local sellers met, and Gemar USA attended the event at the side of Glimaris Balloons Store and My Balloons Decor.

The Battloon Challenge is a competition between three contenders from the Orlando area, who are given the task of completing the best decoration of balloons. The three competitors used Gemar balloons to create themed sculptures of Mario, Jurassic Park and Mickey Mouse. Our warmest congratulations go to the winner of the competition, balloon artist VM Decorator and also to all participants for making this event a real exciting show for everyone.

Gemar USA has teamed up with Save The Date Expo to also offer the public an exhibition of wedding dresses, decorated with Gemar balloons, with the intention of showing how the world of ceremonies and balloons are not so far away from each other.

The main goal of the event was to celebrate a special moment using balloon art, to elevate the creativity of three artists united by the same passion for decoration. We will keep supporting the vision and creativity of the artists and it would like to thank Gemar USA for the effort put in the organization of this event.

Held in Southern Italy, the Giffoni Film Festival is one of the world’s best known children’s film festivals. This year it was also host to a very special birthday party as the Winx Club turned 18.

“2004 – Back to Alfea” was a truly magical event for fans of the popular TV show, which was created by Italian animator Iginio Straffi. Many fans have been following the adventures of Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna and Aisha since the beginning and flocked from all over Italy to relive their favourite moments.

A team of fairies, more warriors than delicate flowers, the Winx battle against the evil Trix in an ultimate display of girl power. Any event in their honour had to be very special, both sparkling and strong. It’s not an easy brief but it’s one that the Gemar team didn’t hesitate to take on. In a show of true collaboration Gemar Masters Claudio, Roberta, Vincenzo and Christian worked with Gemar Talent Ismaele and our collaborator Ionel. Together the team created the perfect setting for an unforgettable event, a magical whirlwind.

Alfea is a place where dreams become reality and that magic was recreated as guests walked through the “Alfea Portal” and emerged amongst lights, balloons and themed displays. Every detail was perfect, from the stage floating on a cloud of balloons through to themed drinks. This was a party for those who enjoyed Winx 18 years ago, those who have grown up with the unstoppable heroines, and the fans of the future.

The Winx have made a generation dream of adventure, love and friendships that conquer all. Blowing out their candles along with their fans was a wonderful moment, and one that we were very proud to be part of.

On May 21st 2022, the scenic park around Schloss Klessheim, a Baroque palace in the city of Salzburg, Austria, has been the backdrop of the “Festival of Oriental cultures”, which was held in support of Ukraine. The festival was attended by Ukrainian master craftsmen, artists, singers, musicians, dancers and actors. The main goal of the festival was to establish a connection between the Austrian citizens towards the Ukrainian culture.

Gemar Ambassador Veronika Golubeva from Ukraine also took part. On the day of the event, she introduced people to the Ukrainian aero design culture by creating a unicorn costume made entirely of Gemar balloons and gave a demonstration of balloon twisting and design, where people had the opportunity to learn skills and techniques. The unicorn Veronika has created has a mane in the colors of the Ukrainian flag.