Balloon Boss Summit 2021

Business on balloons

On November 7th, 2021 Gemar USA arrived at the Balloon Boss Summit 2021 in Orlando! An event organized by Balloon Coach Joette and her great team. This 5 day event is geared to learn the business aspect of balloons.

Not only did we learn new things, we also made great friends! Gemar USA was honored to have sponsored Blenda Berrier from Balloon & Event Construction Company. Blenda’s work ethic and experience is something we relate to. Blenda’s project at the summit was to teach a balloon drop class. This class made with entirely Gemar Balloons was made to use in the final night ceremony. Additionally, Blenda’s mission was to teach you how to sell a balloon drop, how to market it, and convince the audience that a balloon drop is a job made for any balloon artist.

As previously stated, this event is made to learn and talk business. At the Balloon Boss Summit  many people go to share business ideas and lessons learned through all the years in business.

This year a group of wonderful ladies with a Balloon Boss mindset took the initiative and started planning for their goals. Something as simple as a vision board can help you achieve your goals. Understanding where you are and planning where you need to go is what puts the Boss in Balloon Boss!