Balloon Boss Summit 2022

Gemar and Gemar USA together with Cecile for the Balloon Boss Summit 2022

It’s been a week full of surprises at the Balloon Boss Summit 2022, the event that was held at the Holiday inn Orlando-Disney Springs Area between the 5th and the 6th of November.

The balloon convention welcomed balloon artist Cecile Williams-Bethel straight from the Bahamas, who kicked off the event building Santa’s sleigh, with the help of some assistants.

Sunday morning went by creating the decoration that would be the main attraction. It was possible to employ the participants at the convention in the creation and there was an exchange of ideas on decorations for the upcoming holidays as well as giving a detailed explanation on balloons and Gemar colors and how to handle them!

On Monday, the class held by Cecile took place with over 100 participants, where it was possible to exchange ideas related to the world of balloons. The Gemar vendor was the right person for this event having years of experience in the world of decoration and in the business sector since she owns a successful shop for parties and events reselling Gemar balloons.

The workshop consisted in the creation of packages to be inserted around Santa’s sleigh, at the event you could already feel the Christmas atmosphere!

The event ended with an 80’s-themed neon party, where Gemar neon balloons were used for decorations, which gave life to the celebrations!

We would like to thank and send our congratulations to Gemar USA for the fantastic work done throughout the event, where the guys organized a lesson, a contest and a demonstration of balloons decorations and entertainment for all participants.

Congratulations also to all the participants and to Cecile for the great work expressed on the event and in the daily work!