Balloon Museum in Roma

The Place Where Balloons Meet Modern Art

We are no strangers to the idea of balloons as art here at Gemar. We love to champion balloon artists of all sorts and get involved with everything from teaching balloon art skills to sponsoring huge installations. Usually these involve balloon sculpture – twisting, shaping and connecting balloons to create images of anything from a strawberry to a flying dragon.


The Balloon Museum is something completely different, and a project we simply couldn’t resist being involved with. This is modern art at it’s finest, not a sculpture to be admired from a distance but an immersive experience to be felt and enjoyed. Who can fail to smile as they wade through a sea of balloons, pushing their way through thousands of perfect bubbles?


Let’s Fly is the world’s first museum consisting of nothing but balloons and inflatable art. It is simply astonishing, as 75,000 visitors have discovered. Housed in the PRATI BUS DISTRICT (former Atac depot) in Viale Angelico in Rome, and more art installation than traditional museum, the exhibition consists of 15 different rooms and zones.


Each exhibit presents something different, from quirky to awe inspiring, and the feedback has simply blown us all away. Not only that, every balloon used in the museum is a Gemar balloon. That’s 503 571 balloons so far, so the whole exhibition is packed full of glorious Gemar colour and style.


We would like to send a huge congratulations to the artists and organisers, who have created something truly unique and utterly spectacular, lifting the moment in every way.


The exhibition runs until March 7th so if you are near Rome you still have time to see it. Find out more here.

Video of the event here.

Facebook Album here.