Balloon Party Days – Lecce, 2020

Partying in Lecce with Balloon Party Days

Our partner, Balloon Party Lecce, recently organized a breathtaking three day seminar. Gemar Ambassador Gergő was joined by four guest instructors from Brazil for an event themed around Brazil and their love of parties. It was destined to be a spectacular few days and a party to remember.

The scene was set when the team created an astounding display to inspire everyone who attended. Some of the participants chose to arrive early and help with these amazing sculptures, learning by working alongside the instructors and creating beautiful balloon art as a team. From a fairground with the big wheel and a carousel to a dragon, these were impressive sculptures that demonstrated just how much can be achieved with balloons. They also broke the ice beautifully and had everybody talking from the moment they arrived, with gasps of amazement mixed with laughter to really get the party started.

Over the next three days everyone had the opportunity to get hands on and create sculptures for themselves, a little smaller perhaps but no less special. They learnt various techniques for planning a design, shaping latex balloons, twisting and joining them to create something stunning. This was an opportunity for everyone to improve their skills and take their balloon business to the next level. Of course, it wasn’t only balloons that connected, as with any good party this was a perfect chance to meet others from the industry. There was a lot of laughter and plenty of time to make friends and even plan future collaborations.

The event ended on a high note with a wonderful Gala night where participants got dressed up and enjoyed a very special evening of fun shows, delicious food and exciting surprises with their new friends and colleagues. Perhaps the most important part of the evening was a very special toast, to all the balloon artists and the joy that their work brings to the world!


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