Chamber class

An intimate experience with Irina Gvozdenko

Not every event has to be a grand affair, with hundreds of participants. Sometimes there is something very special about a smaller gathering. This was the case when our ambassador, Irina Gvozdenko, joined with talented balloon artist Marina Beliaeva to organise a Chamber Class in Moscow.

With just 11 participants the event had an intimate atmosphere, everyone became firm friends very quickly as they worked together to create a stunning display. Chatting and laughing, surrounded by balloons, you can’t help feeling full of joy! So much so that it wasn’t long before everyone was dancing amongst the beautiful balloons.

The wonderful relaxed atmosphere also meant that everyone had plenty of time to learn directly from Irina and Marina. Nobody was left to struggle, stuck at the back of a crowd. Instead there were lots of opportunities to answer every question and make sure everyone mastered the new techniques on offer.

Working together, the group created a stunning, immersive, display. A forest green wall, studded with sprays of delicate flowers, formed the backdrop for beautiful columns and arches in sugar sweet pastel shades. These were complemented by huge pastel flowers, crystal clear bubbles and giant stems of deep purple lupins. It was like walking into a fairytale!

Everyone enjoyed the class immensely, and our congratulations go to Irina, and especially Marina as it was her first time organising this sort of event. Irina said she can’t wait for the next one, and I’m sure everyone involved will agree with her on that!