Chief of Police of Frosinone visits Gemar Srl

The Chief of Police of Frosinone welcomed by the Rocca family at the Gemar Srl facility

Casalvieri – On Friday, February 16, Dr. Domenico Condello, Chief of Police of Frosinone, continuing his visits to discover local businesses, visited the Gemar Srl facility.

The Chief of Police was welcomed by Genesio Rocca, owner of Gemar Srl, who accompanied him on a tour of the various departments of the facility, from production to packaging, discovering a company that is a world leader in the production of latex balloons.

Gemar Srl, a true point of reference in the industry, produces excellent products distributed worldwide. It was established in 1990 but has a history dating back to 1902, with the entire Rocca family still at the forefront. Gemar Srl has deep roots in the territory and has managed to grow and evolve over the years, always maintaining the values that have contributed to its success.

The company produces over 6 million latex balloons every day, distributed worldwide, with research and innovation as its flagship. Gemar Srl is among the main players in the balloon and party industry at both the national and international levels.

There is a continuous commitment to customers, but above all, to sustainability. Gemar Srl is the first company in the balloon and party sector to adopt certified sustainability reporting according to the GRI guidelines since 2018. Additionally, Gemar participates in the United Nations Global Compact corporate sustainability initiative, sharing its principles on human rights, labor, environment, anti-corruption, and support for Sustainable Development Goals.

The meeting was an opportunity for the Chief of Police to learn about the activities and initiatives of the company, representing a unique entity in the region for its history, orientation towards technology, innovation, internationality, and sustainability.

“An excellence with solid roots in our territory but with an eye towards the rest of the world” says the owner, Genesio Rocca. Modern and efficient in production and adopted systems, Gemar Srl finds its compelling strength in the market thanks to the commitment of its employees, more than 150, and the family, always at the forefront of showcasing the quality of Gemar Srl balloons.