Cuore Amico

Associazione « Gerardo Restaini »

We are thrilled to be in a position to support the “Cuore Amico” (Friendly Heart) project by the Gerardo Restaini Association.

Founded in memory of Gerardo Restani, the association works tirelessly to raise money in support of the Cardiology Unit at the San Giovanni di Dio Hospital in Fondi, Latina. In the past the association has raised over € 30,000 and donated vital equipment that can be used to monitor patients, making a real difference to the work of the unit and the lives of those who need care.

In 2022 they are taking those efforts a step further with a wonderful new project, supporting the opening of a brand new Paediatric Cardiology Clinic. This will be an outpatient clinic and will be involved with preventing, diagnosing and treating a range of different types of heart disease in children, which are often very different to the kinds of heart disease that are more common in adults.

Attending a hospital can be frightening for anyone, but especially for a young child. The Gerardo Restaini Association is not only raising money to purchase much needed equipment, they are also working to make the environment as friendly as possible.

Soft colours on the walls, plenty of toys and other resources make a visit much more pleasant and less likely to be traumatic. We know that even a single balloon can bring a smile in a difficult moment. Which is why we were delighted to send approximately 10,000 balloons, along with 100 balloon pumps, to be used by staff at the clinic to raise the moment and bring a touch of joy to the young hearts they treat.

Our part in this wonderful project is only a small one, but together we can make a real difference.