Dana Mall – The show in Minsk

Balloon Madness in Minsk

On the 31st May 2019 Gemar® balloons lifted the moment in Minsk and made a global impression.

The world class event took place in the biggest shopping mall in Belarus, the Dana Mall.

We worked in partnership with Liza Kruchenkova, the event organizer, and Dmitry Tischenko, the engineer and world famous balloon designer.


Ingenuity and magic

Using Dmitry’s knowledge and understanding of engineering, the biggest ever balloon globe was created. This magnificent art piece had no frame but towered over the people of the Minsk mall, proudly demonstrating how the combination of magic and ingenuity  come together in balloon art.

The planet was created using link balloons and was a massive 7 metres in diameter, the continents were created using modeling balloons. Not satisfied with this enormous imposing global structure, balloon children were added, each of them made using different techniques and styles.

An impressive structure like this requires not just talented artists but also high quality balloons. This is why those at Minsk were happy to use Gemar® balloons, they knew they were using a brand they could trust to support their vision.


Balloons are universal

There are many reasons that we love this beautiful example of balloon art. Firstly from an artistic point of view, it’s an incredible example of what is truly possible when we push creative boundaries and excel towards the extraordinary. We also love that it’s as much of a scientific and engineering project as it is art!

Secondly, we love the symbolism of the piece. Balloons are universal. You don’t need to speak the same language, be part of the same culture or worship in the same way. Balloons transcend all of this, they represent simple, beautiful joy and childhood wonder. Something our turbulent world needs more of.

And in that vein we additionally appreciate the excitement and enthusiasm of balloon artists to support and celebrate each others creativity. At this particular event, 35 people from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus came together to help Dmitry and others came from the Sea of Balls Festival in Geledzhik to show support and help.

A structure like this has never been done before and it certainly lifted the moment in Minsk.


Gemar would like to thank Liza, Dmitry, Dana Mall and everyone involved in making this a world class event.

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