Erfahren Sie, was in der Welt von Balloonista los ist.

Wir arbeiten ständig an neuen und innovativen Wegen, um unserer Community zu zeigen, wie sich Momente mit Ballonkunst zu etwas Besonderem machen lassen. Und wenn wir etwas Neues finden, geben wir es gleich weiter. Mit unseren Schritt-für-Schritt-Videotutorials ist die Vorgehensweise für jedermann erlernbar. Erfahren Sie hier, was als nächstes von Balloonista zu erwarten ist. Bleiben Sie auf dem Laufenden und bestens informiert.

Pink or Blue? #113

There's just one thing that everybody wants to know! With two different variations, and a glorious explosion of corkscrews and confetti, this is the perfect way to find out. Discover the secret to making the perfect centerpiece for any gender reveal in the Balloonista library, our video tutorials are easy to follow and take you through step-by-step.

The Big One #114

A first birthday is a very special occasion, and certainly an opportunity to celebrate in style. Our simple, step-by-step video tutorial is easy to follow and will have you creating the perfect decoration in no time. Find it in the Balloonista Library.

Which Witch? #115

Have you ever wanted to put on a magical hat and see where the adventure takes you? This is your chance! Find everything you need to know, with step-by-step instructions, in the Balloonista library.

Spooky Monochrome #116

Perfect for a sophisticated Halloween party, this piece begs to be surrounded by suave vampires and elegant witches. Why leave Halloween to the children, when every step is explained in our free video tutorial?

Boo! #117

Simple and unmistakable, this is the perfect way to make a statement. Discover how to craft beautiful foam board letters with our free video tutorials, available in the Balloonista library now.

Clean Sweep #118

Sweep out ghouls along with the cobwebs, with this magical broom. It's easier than you might think, and every step is explained in our free video tutorial. Take a look, in the Balloonista library now.

Football Crazy #119

Put your best foot forwards with this fantastic football boot! Dive into the Balloonista library to discover the secret to making your own, it's easier than it looks.

World Cup Magic #120

No matter who wins the World Cup you can celebrate in style with this fabulous sculpture. Make the magic your own with a little help from the Balloonista tutorial.

Baubles With A Swirl #121

It wouldn't be Christmas without baubles and these are beautifully festive. Pair them with Balloonista #31 to create a stunning display that's guaranteed to impress. Everything you need to know can be found in our free video tutorial, check it out in the Balloonista library.

Ho Ho Ho! #122

Iconic red suit, black belt and a fluffy white beard? There's only one possibility, it must be time to hang up our stockings and tip toe off to bed! Before you go, take a peek at the Balloonista tutorial and discover how to create this unmistakable festive coloumn for your Christmas party.