Decoration of the Nizhni Novgorod shopping mall

A magical fairytale came to life

A magical fairytale came to life in a shopping mall in Nizhni Novgorod recently. Gemar® Ambassadors Irina Lobanova and Irina Gvozdenko were part of the team that created a stunning display, organised by balloon company Premier.

This sculpture soared far above the heads of the lucky shoppers who saw it, a swirl of fluffy clouds and twinkling stars as the perfect backdrop for scenes from The Nutcracker. The sheer scale of this artwork is awe inspiring, and the laughter and joy it brought to the community was something very special to see.

Many hours of planning and preparation, 50 000 Gemar® balloons and a few sleepless nights went into this wonderful example of balloon art. The whole team worked tirelessly to bring their vision to life and they have achieved something truly worth celebrating.

Our Ambassadors are passionate about sharing the joy and creativity of balloon art with as many people as possible, this is a perfect example of how they really can lift the moment!