DIY page

Now Anyone Can Do It Themselves

We have seen a growing trend in recent years. Where people used to be a little wary of trying something new, now they want to have a go.

Perhaps the world has discovered that you can learn many things from online video tutorials, and that it’s fun to slow down, release your creativity and take the time to learn a new skill. Perhaps we value the human connection of a handmade gift more than in times past. Whatever the reason, growing numbers of people want to create beautiful decorations themselves.

At Gemar we love to support balloon artists at every level, and that includes absolute beginners. Which is why we have created a range of DIY kits and tutorials. Even if you have never inflated a balloon before, we have everything you need to create a stunning garland, arch or centrepiece.

The new DIY page has a host of video tutorials, showing you exactly how to make your own displays. In each video Gemar takes you through every step, showing just how easy it really is. Never again will you be faced with a pile of random pieces and an instruction leaflet that makes no sense!

When you have browsed the possibilities and chosen your project you can click the button below the video, which will take you to the exact item you need in our online shop. It couldn’t be simpler.

Many of the kits come complete with balloons, while others leave it to you to choose your favourite colours. No matter what, there is always room for plenty of creativity and those all-important personal touches.

Whether you want to have a go yourself, or have customers who might, Gemar DIY kits are a brilliant way to get started in balloon art.