Dr Bubó by our Ambassador Gergő

Spreading the word on vaccines, with Dr Bubo

When Gemar Ambassador Gergő Csatai said he wanted to recreate a childhood TV character to encourage people to get vaccinated, we were happy to support him. We had no idea just how big the event would turn out to be!

Anyone who grew up in Hungary in the 70s or 80s will be familiar with Dr Bubo, an owl who ran his doctor’s surgery from a hollow oak tree and treated woodland creatures with the help of Nurse Ursula. The lead character in one of the most popular cartoons at the time, Dr Bubo was loved by children and parents alike. Of course, that’s why Gergő chose him as the perfect character to spread the word about vaccination.

Gergő used around 400 balloons and spent 8 hours working on the costume. The last 3.5 hours of the build were streamed live on facebook and an astonishing 4000 people tuned in to watch! 

The people of Szeged were in for a treat that afternoon, as Gergő put on the amazing costume and took to the streets. Few things can catch your attention quite as much as a 2.5m tall cartoon doctor made entirely of balloons, carrying a medical bag and syringe, as he walks along the high street! 

They say laughter is the best medicine and of course Dr Bubo brought many smiles to Szeged. The story was even picked up by local media and Gergo was featured in two newspapers. Ultimately, Gergo’s aim was to spread his message far and wide. As he said “My undisguised goal in choosing the character was for people to vote with confidence in medicine and take the opportunity to get vaccinated, as this is our only chance that this will end once and for all.”

It seems he succeeded!


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