A proud heritage

Behold the story of a century old Italian balloon company, the first of its kind…


The founding father is born.

Angelo Rocca is the founder of the first Italian company to manufacture latex balloons.

(Casalvieri, scenary beginning of '900)


Origin of the passion for balloons.

Angelo at age 4, emigrates to France with his family to help his brother- in- law, a local balloon artisan.

Here in Marseille begins his career, passing quickly from street vendor to production assistant.

At age 15 he is able to manage the workshop and to supply the best shops in Marseille.

(View of the port of Marsiglia - Detroit Photographic Company.)


The Italian balloon company is founded.

Angelo, now 18 returns to Casalvieri, his homeland and founds the first Italian company to manufacture latex balloons.

The beginning of corporate expansion beyond the Italian borders.

30's - 50's

The beginning of expansion beyond Italian borders.

Angelo expands by selling balloons across Italy and in Europe, Africa and Middle-East. Production was long and complex, strictly “hand made” by expert artisans.


The advent of technology in business processes

Genesio, one of Angelo’s sons, having founded his own company in 1953 “Ditta Genesio Rocca” transforms the balloon production from artisan to an industrial reality.

In 1970 Genesio builds the first factory covering a surface of 1000m2 and purchases shortly after the first automatic dipping line to manufacture latex balloons.

From this moment on the combination of technology, skills, expertise and heritage of the Rocca family is what makes GEMAR’s balloon truly unique still today.

Finally Gemar


Finally Gemar

In 1977, following the premature death of Genesio by tragic car accident, Angelo his eldest son, takes the reins of the company and in 1990 founds GEMAR. A solid leadership through which the company has conquered a prima position in different markets worldwide.


Printing Facility

At the turn of the milenium GEMAR expands its production to incorporate a printing facility specialized in printing latex balloons. Tapping into a new and prosperous market segment GEMAR the capacity to be active in all fields.



Rocca family with the support of a great team of dedicated people continue to manufacture the world famous “Italian balloon” in over 100 different shapes, sizes and brilliant colours.

Today GEMAR is among the world’s largest manufacturers of natural latex balloons and has reached undisputed leadership in Europe.