What guides us

Lifting the moment…

We make more than balloons, we make moments. Building on our heritage, we lead the market and create demand by inventing sustainable, simple and inspiring ways to lift every moment. Our community extends to our customers for whom we deliver exceptional service, high level expertise and unrivalled creativity.

"We make more than balloons, we make moments"

Our mission:

Our mission is to inspire and bring balloon joy to every occasion.

Our philosophy

Lift the moment…

Where we are

Nestling deep in the hills in the heart of Italy is Casalvieri, a small town that's the home of Gemar. Here, over four generations of the Rocca family have honed and passed on our expertise to become the largest manufacturer of natural rubber latex balloons in Europe... and we're delighted to have customers in 50 countries.

We have continued to lead the way in balloon development, inspiring the people who use our products with new ways to add joy to every occasion.

And it's all thanks to our dedication to…


building on our heritage with passion and dedication but always with an eye to the future.


never being content but always seeking out new ways to do things better and differently


inspiring the people who use our products with new ways to add a touch of joy to every occasion.


passing on the tradition and passion for balloons, making those who work with us a part of our family. We wish to satisfy all those touched by Gemar.


taking care to make sure that our products are as sustainable and safe as possible throughout their lifecycle.

Today, we produce millions of balloons every day in more than 100 different shapes, sizes and colours... all made in Italy with passion and pride, and all designed to lift your memorable moments.