Here at Gemar, we are in love with the idea of celebrating love. As an Italian company, romance...

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The Balloonista Bang!

Welcome to Balloonista, Gemar’s balloon art community. We are here to share and inspire budding balloon artists around the world to create the extraordinary and lift the moment.

Leading the world

The Gemar balloon artists are leaders in the industry. They travel the world, captivating the child in each of us, from 1 to 100 years old. Their passion and natural excitement for the endless possibilities of balloon art is infectious. They work tirelessly to push creative boundaries and find new innovative ways to rise above the ordinary.

Sharing the skills

Their real joy lies in sharing these skills. Our experts take great pride in passing their knowledge on and inspiring new and growing balloon artists. The Balloonista community gives them the opportunity to reach more people, to inspire more artists and the lift the moment on a much bigger scale.

Anyone can be a Balloonista

You don’t have to attend a Gemar event or work for a certain company. Balloonista is about bringing the magic of balloon art to everyone around the world, creating a community of enthusiastic creatives. With step-by-step tutorials, breaking down the most complex and aspirational balloon sculptures, everyone has the potential to be a Balloonista. Are you ready to lift the moment with us?