Gemar Masters

Gemar Masters fly high in the balloon industry. Internationally renowned, they are expert professionals highly skilled in balloon art that are on a mission to inspire and educate up and coming balloon artists with world-class training and development activities.

Innovation and creativity are innate attributes some people seem to be blessed with. However, this doesn’t mean that given the right environment, inspiration and motivation, a natural artistic flare can’t be nurtured and developed into excellence. Our Gemar Masters work to spread their knowledge and passion for balloon art, encouraging others to grow and push their own creative boundaries alongside them.

Under the banner of Academia, the masters preserve and maintain this highly creative industry. They provide the perfect training for creatives who are serious about a rising career in balloon art.

Academia is committed to research and as a result is on the leading edge of innovative balloon art techniques and products under the backdrop of the Italian culture, which is defined by pioneering design and beauty.

Claudio Casagrande

Claudio Casagrande opened his first party shop in 1991 in his home town Aprilia in Italy. He quickly realised his passion for the art of balloon decoration. Over the years he has mastered techniques to create sculptures using innovative techniques with G-link balloons. In 2006 Claudio was invited to join Gemar’s Academia Masters. In 2008 he participated in GEMAR’s G20 and the debut of Academia. Claudio teaches all over the world, spanning the continents of Europe, Asia, Middle East and USA.

Vincenzo Musto

Vincenzo Musto began his journey into the world of balloon decoration in 1992 when he opened his first balloon shop in Napoli in Italy. Curiously he focused on various techniques and special effects but fell in love with the creativity of balloon art when he discovered twisting. He now specializes in techniques to create balloon decor with modelling balloons. In 2008 Vincenzo was invited to join Gemar’s Academia Masters. His experience and natural passion for balloons made him a natural teacher. Armed with enthusiasm he travels promoting the culture of balloons and teaching the techniques for crafting balloon decorations. Vincenzo teaches worldwide spanning the continents of Europe, Asia, Middle East and USA.

Cristian Olibardi

Cristian is a founding member of Academia. As an Academia instructor, trainer and master, he is passionate about balloon art and shares the same vision as Gemar, believing in the power of balloons to lift the moment. He has travelled the world training and supporting companies that sell balloons to up level their services through balloon art. Now with Academia, he continues to strive to preserve and spread the art of balloon decoration with Gemar’s superior Italian balloons.

Roberta Rosaria Pinto

Roberta has been working with balloons since 1995. In 2003 she opened her own party shop specialising in balloons and in 2011 she held her first Balloon Art seminar. It was through this work that she became acquainted with Gemar. Seeing her deep love and talent with balloons she soon started working with Gemar as a teacher for Academia, making numerous tutorials for magazines in the Balloon Art sector and holding seminars in different countries including Italy, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Poland, Israel, Florida and Russia. Roberta's greatest passion is Fantasy Flowers, an elegant and captivating technique.