Balloonista Challenge #003

TOP 12

The Balloonista challenge, saw contestants racing against the clock to complete a specific sculpture. We had 128 entries so it took Luz, Vincenzo & Cristian a while to review them all, but we are thrilled to say that every single contestant earned themselves the title “Balloonista”.

We were also going to award a special prize to the top ten, but in the end there were so many wonderful entries that this was an impossible task. Instead we have to send our congratulations, as well as prizes, to our top twelve!

In no particular order, they are:

🎈Paula Andrea
🎈Adriana Osorio
🎈Ligia Cardona
🎈Raquel Paulino
🎈Sarah Mustafa
🎈America Herrera
🎈Rosy Mendez
🎈Veronica Garcia
🎈Balloons by JC
🎈Yohanys Fabian
🎈Glenda Cruz
🎈Pawel Robaszek

Well done to each and every one of you!