February “Air Meeting” with Irina Lobanova

Lovely mood

Are you ready for the most romantic days in the year? Because it’s Valentine’s Day and 8th of March soon. After another one Irina Lobanova‘s Air meeting in Novorossiysk we have few fantastic ideas about decorations for these holidays.

The first part of this event was about Love. That’s why for the sculpture Irina used Gemar hearts and Shiny silver balloons. Such combination showed really amazing result. This photozone could be used for decorating restaurants, cafes, galleries and private houses. It will be ideal for creating a romantic atmosphere.

The second part was about Women’s day. That’s why participants learned how to build huge but elegant number 8 and decorate it with flowers. Do you notice the gentleness of this decoration? It’s because Gemar new colours were used! This fantasy photozone was made with Latte, Misty Rose, Green Olive & some Shiny Silver balloons that added a touch of sparkle.

Of course, after the learning, all participants had the opportunity to take beautiful pictures near sculptures as this is one of the important part of these Air Meeting classes. So it was with new professional photos in their portfolio and useful skills & knowledge that everyone left this event.

You can be sure that they are looking forward to see what they will learn next time.


>> Pictures of the event <<