Florida Super Jam 2022

Gemar makes moments at the Florida Super Jam

The Florida Super Jam is a week-long convention honoring balloon twisters in Orlando, Florida. In balloon twister conventions like this one you can find some of the most passionate people in the balloon industry. There was a circle of twisters creating and challenging each other to make sculptures from the beginning of the event until the doors of the event closed.

Gemar arrived and immediately received a warm welcome from the event organizer, Sheree. For the next four days Gemar set up 3 dining tables that looked like a banquet of balloons! These tables held over 50 buckets of modelling balloons filled to the rim!

Many people stayed to create all weekend but others assisted the classes. Gemar sponsored an energetic, charismatic, and very talented twister known as “Awesome Austin”. The Florida Super Jam was his first time instructing at a balloon event. Austin taught many techniques during the Jam! Including a wearable motorcycle class! The class reaction was very positive and appreciated his passion for twisting.

The Florida Super Jam also provided the hotel with entertainment and excitement with all of the decorations on display. Many families walked by the hotel, intrigued by all of the twisting & large-scale sculptures, as if the Florida Super Jam was an Orlando theme park.

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