Florida Super Jam – Orlando 2020

Gemar makes moments at the Florida Super Jam

Expect the Unexpected in Orlando

Florida Super Jam is always an event to remember and this year was more memorable than most. Gergő was kept busy holding four workshops, each for up to 80 people, and they were all very different.

The first workshop started the day with a roarrr as Gergő went huge and showed participants how to create a truly enormous sculpture of a dinosaur. The prehistoric is always fascinating and this impressive build certainly set the bar high for the rest of the day.

At the opposite end of the scale, the next class celebrated everything small and sweet by using foil balloon distortion to create strawberry, ice cream and lollipop sculptures as well as a cute little snail.

Having seen everything from the huge to the tiny it’s hard to imagine what the next surprise might be, the answer is balloons you can wear! Gergő demonstrated how balloons can be used to create a fancy dress costume and made a wearable monkey head.

For the final class of the day Gergő used deep tulip twists and marriage twists to create four cute little monsters that stole everyone’s hearts.


A Beautiful Surprise

Gergő was also thrilled to be asked to help with a very special marriage proposal. Michael, the hopeful groom, had asked Gergő to create a mask that would completely disguise him. The Panda mask was perfect and Michael’s girlfriend Gina had no idea he was at Florida Super Jam, let alone that he was the man on stage. Gina was understandably nervous when Gergő brought her up on stage, since she had no idea what was going to happen, but her confusion turned to delight when Michael removed his mask. He recited a beautiful poem declaring his love for balloon artist Gina, before producing a ring and asking her to marry him on bended knee. Luckily Gina said yes and the room erupted in cheers and rounds of applause.

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We wish Gina and Michael all the best for the future, and after a proposal filled with balloons we’re looking forward to seeing their wedding photos!