Découvrez les nouvelles tendances dans l’univers de Balloonista

Nous travaillons en permanence sur de nouvelles méthodes permettant à notre communauté de marquer le moment grâce à des œuvres en ballons. Nous communiquons chaque information utile. Nos vidéos détaillées rendent le processus accessible à chacun. Découvrez les nouveautés de Balloonista.

Easter Bouquet #020

Spring has finally sprung. If your hopping mad that Easter is approaching too fast, then it's time to get prepared. What better way to do that than with a sweet Balloonista bunny design that you can make yourself with our step by step instructions and video tutorial. Keep your eyes open because this little rabbit will be coming soon, helping you to lift the moment through this chocolaty season.

Oh Baby Pacifier #019

There are some special moments in life that should be celebrated in style, and the birth of a baby is most definitely one of them. It's a time to mark the beginning of new life, opportunity and hope. This beautiful gender neutral balloon art design is the perfect creation to share at this special time. Learn how to lift the moment with Balloonista's step by step instructions and video tutorial coming soon.

Panda Bouquet #018

Panda's are the new unicorns. If you want to stay ahead of the trend and make a real impact then it's time to embrace the black and white bear. Here at Balloonista, we have the perfect opportunity for you. Create this cute, child friendly balloon art design yourself by following the Balloonista step by step instructions and video tutorial, coming out soon. Lift the moment with this adorable face.

Macaron Balloon #017

Fly high with Balloonista and create your own macaron style hot air balloon. These beautiful pastel colours and quaint design will attract attention and lift any moment. Raise your balloon art game, look out for Balloonista step by step instructions and video tutorial coming soon.