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We are so excited for Bling Bling Jam 7! We are excited about our 2021 Mini Bling! Just a huge jam with flash classes plus-in one big room! Not your typical Bling! We are calling this the “Cabin Favor Jam” When the Mask comes Off! Please bring your own balloons as there is a shortage of them! However GEMAR USA will be sponsoring the Jam room!

GemarUSA will be there with 2 famous balloon artists to represent Gemar:

Paloma Saldana: Claudia was born in Mexico and is now based in California, Paloma and is a Bachelor in Communication Science. She says that she has been conquered by the world of balloons. Her journey began in 2007 along with her company XOXO Creations. With a lot of practice and perseverance she has managed to develop an effective method to make designs and put her personal touch in each decoration.

Brady DeGroot: is a 32-year-old native of Tulsa, Oklahoma. He is a charismatic deco-twister. Since 2017 his company Next Level Balloons, has managed to grow within their local community while creating unique moments with balloons. As an artist and company, he has been honored at multiple conventions in the balloon industry. For the first time he will be an instructor at the 2021 Bling Bling Jam!