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During the first class Luz Paz will be teaching you the basic techniques to inflate balloons, master the use of electric pumps and manual pumps, basic weaving techniques and the step by step to assemble decorations from scratch. You will also learn to design basic arches and columns with stripes and turned, whose colors you can customize to put together any themed event. Then you will start an interactive and interesting class to assemble Deluxe Bouquets. You will also install a Deluxe pedestal from scratch, which consists of a base decorated with balloons and accessories on top. This class wouldn’t be complete without bubble bouquet, a charming design and installation technique that you can combine with the organic technique. The first day will be closed with a flourish with a special bouquet using the square pack technique. Second day id for preparing yourself as an expert in balloon decoration. During the last day you will learn to install panels, walls and structures with balloons. In addition, you will get installation tips for interiors and exteriors. You will design walls in the Square Pack style and use the organic technique in conjunction with other techniques for mounting accessories.