Gemar at Float 2024

Lifting the moment at Float!

FLOAT 2024 has been full of surprises, we showcased our vendor booth adorned in the new color scheme of our Navy, Shell, and Vino. The vibrant hues not only attracted a significant amount of attention but also sparked conversations with attendees, who were intrigued by our unique color palette and detailed decoration. The deep, sophisticated navy set a professional tone, while the soft, inviting shell and the rich, warm vino added a welcoming and luxurious feel to our space. This combination of colors has has made our presence at the convention memorable while establishing a strong visual identity for the Gemar® brand. This decor was primarily led by our team of Gemar Talents.

Unexpectedly, the transformation of our vendor booth into a vibrant neon funky party was strategically planned to promote the launch of our new line of modeling balloons, which come in an array of neon colors. This bold and unexpected move served not only to captivate the convention attendees but also to highlight the innovative and fun spirit of the Gemar® brand. The neon colors of our balloons were perfectly showcased against the backdrop of the party atmosphere, illustrating their versatility and appeal for lively events. This creative approach to our booth’s decoration was a resounding success, significantly boosting interest and excitement around our new product line, and making the launch an unforgettable experience.

Our classes have been immensely enjoyable and informative, led by our Gemar Ambassador Tampilipe from Switzerland and our Gemar instructor Jenny Porter from Canada. Their roles have been instrumental in providing exceptional guidance throughout the FLOAT convention, enabling numerous participants to discover the enchantment of Gemar balloons. Tampilipe and Jenny’s dynamic and engaging teaching methods have turned each class into an enlightening and delightful balloon wokrshop, blending entertainment with comprehensive learning. Their proficiency in explaining the balloon artistry with Gemar balloons has significantly elevated the attendees’ experience. Their efforts have not only highlighted the magic inherent in Gemar’s offerings but also contributed substantially to the educational value of the convention, leaving a lasting impression on all who participated in the class.

Gemar’s presence at FLOAT 2024, the prestigious balloon convention, marked a celebration of creativity, innovation, and the art of balloon decor. At the FLOAT 2024 Gala, Gemar® took center stage, quite literally, as the sponsor, designer, and builder of the event’s stage decoration. Our decor, directed by Gemar® ambassador Alisson Vasconcelos, showcased the elegance that Gemar® balloons are known for, especially highlighting our Shiny Gold balloons to mark the convention’s 10th anniversary. The stage decoration was not just a backdrop but a statement of elegance and celebration, aiming to leave a lasting memory for years to come. We were thrilled with our contribution to the gala and hopeful that our vision for the stage decor will be remembered fondly by all who attended.

The Gemar Games, a new addition to FLOAT, brought an exciting and hands-on element to the convention. Held in two sessions, participants raced against the clock to recreate a balloon bouquet from a Balloonista tutorial – a Gemar® program known for its easy-to-follow balloon tutorials, complete with materials and recipe lists. This activity highlighted the effectiveness of Balloonista, as attendees were able to watch a video once and then replicate the bouquet. The games were a hit, offering a fun and educational experience for everyone involved. Winners of each session walked away with $500, and all participants who completed their bouquet within 30 minutes earned a Balloonista certificate, underscoring the value of hands-on learning with balloons.

Gemar Ambassador Tampilipe held his last class where attendees learned how to construct large-scale hot air balloon sculptures, with a special focus on our G-Links balloons. These link balloons are perfect for creating sizeable sculptures, and the session was incredibly well-received. Students left feeling inspired to undertake bigger balloon projects, leveraging the versatility and connective ease of G-Links. This class not only demonstrated the potential for grandeur in balloon art but also empowered participants to expand their abilities.

FLOAT also featured a highly anticipated class by Gemar instructor Jenny Porter, which focused on creating and utilizing balloon backdrops. Dubbed a DIYer’s paradise, Jenny’s class taught participants how to print adorable designs for backdrops and use cost-effective materials to construct stand-alone backdrops that can be enhanced with balloons for any themed party. The sessions were packed, making it one of the most sought-after classes at the convention. Jenny’s expertise in DIY backdrop creation, combined with practical tips for incorporating balloons, provided attendees with invaluable skills for elevating their event decor, further cementing FLOAT 2024’s success and Gemar’s® role in enriching the FLOAT experience.