Gemar at Toys & Baby Milano

Gemar took Toys & Baby Milano to Space with Stellar Decorations

Gemar once again impressed at the Toys & Baby Milano with a dazzling display of decorations that transported attendees to a universe of wonder. This year’s theme was all about space, and the Gemar team used their expertise to create eye-catching installations that perfectly captured the spirit of exploration and imagination.

A focal point of the display were giant, colorful letters spelling out “TOYS” and “BABY,” meticulously crafted from foam board. These playful letters served as a welcoming beacon for visitors, setting the tone for an exciting journey through the latest and greatest in toys, games, and children’s entertainment.

But the space adventure didn’t stop there. Gemar’s masters of balloon artistry brought the cosmos to life with a breathtaking galaxy formed entirely from balloons, numerous space-themed columns, and for an extra dose of fun, a rocket crafted specifically as a photo booth creating an immersive experience for attendees.

Adding to the festive atmosphere, Gemar designed delightful garlands for the entrance and television screens throughout the event. These colorful creations, made from balloons of various sizes and hues, provided a touch of whimsy that perfectly complemented the overall ambiance.

This year, Gemar was entrusted with decorating the stand of Trudi, a beloved producer of plush toys, celebrating their 70th anniversary. Gemar created a vibrant rainbow using their Macaron Range for the Unicorn display and a calming blue wave for the Shark peluche presentation.

Gemar’s participation in Toys & Baby Milano reinforces the enduring connection between balloons and childhood. These versatile and joyful decorations have the power to bring a smile to people of all ages, making them a perfect fit for an event celebrating the magic of play. By partnering with Toys & Baby Milano, Gemar once again demonstrated their commitment to creating unforgettable experiences that spark joy and imagination.