Gemar at Toys expo in Milan

Celebrating Play at The Toy Fair

The 6th edition of the Toys Milano & Bay-B expo took place on April 16-17 in Milan. Like last year Gemar made an impressive display of decorations for this fair. The event was a showcase for the latest and greatest in toys, games, and children’s entertainment, and Gemar was proud to be a part of it.

The Gemar masters used their expertise to create eye-catching decorations using a variety of techniques. One of the highlights of the display was the big letters TOYS that were made using foam board.

In addition to this, Gemar masters also created a few big baby windmills that added a playful touch to the overall decor. These windmills were made using a combination of balloons of bright colors and they added a sense of whimsy to the space.

Finally, Gemar created a garland for the entrance and for the TV screens that were used throughout the event. This garland was made using balloons of different colors and sizes, and it added a festive touch that helped to enhance the overall atmosphere of the exhibition.

Gemar masters also created decorations for the Gioco per Sempre Awards event that took place on April 16. The initiative referred to here is a toy awards program that aims to collect the valuable knowledge and expertise gained from previous awards ceremonies and use it to recognize the most innovative and exceptional new products in the toy industry. The program seeks to honor the hard work and dedication of companies in the industry that have gone above and beyond in their efforts to produce high-quality and engaging toys.

Gemar is proud to have been a partner of this expo, as balloons have long been recognized as the best friend of childhood. Whether used for parties, events, or just for fun, balloons have the ability to bring joy to people of all ages.