Gemar Class in Panama

We've gone international with Gemar Class!

We’ve gone international with Gemar Class! A super sized Gemar Class was held last week in Panama with Gemar associate Balloons By Lia Leottau. The Gemar class was colorful, full of techniques, and full of celebration!

Gemar recently made its first venture into Panama, hosting an extraordinary Gemar Class led by our esteemed Gemar Associate and Ambassador, Balloons by Lia Leottau. This event was not just a class; it was a celebration of creativity and skill in the art of balloon decoration. For this special occasion, we went above and beyond, bringing together two Gemar Ambassadors and two Gemar Talents for a multi-themed Gemar Class. Each session was a unique journey through different themes and ideas, designed to inspire delegates for every season and occasion. The Gemar Class reached its maximum capacity with 140 enthusiastic delegates. Gemar Talent, Walter Elel captivated the delegates with a Grinch-themed Christmas setup, complete with a Who-ville house and themed trees. Meanwhile, Gemar Ambassador, Luz Paz showcased her unique balloon column design, brimming with volume and versatile for events like baby showers and graduations. Delegates then had the chance to create their own themed columns. Gemar Talent, Javier Gallaga led a session creating a stunning ‘Tree of Love’ balloon arch for Valentine’s Day, while Gemar Ambassador, Lia Leottau introduced the art of crafting Maxi balloon bouquets, adding a special touch to any gift.

More Than a Class

Gemar Class in Panama was beyond being just a workshop – it became a cultural phenomenon. In an exciting turn of events, all our Gemar instructors were invited to a national TV channel, showcasing the magical world of balloon art. This exposure was unprecedented for Gemar Class, marking a significant milestone in our journey. The feature on national television not only captivated a wide audience but also highlighted the growing fascination and respect for balloon artistry globally. This event was more than just a class; it was a community experience. The success of the Gemar Class in Panama is a testament to the expanding horizon of balloon art and its ability to enchant and inspire. It’s a clear indication that the art of balloon decorating is on a steady rise, capturing imaginations and bringing communities together in celebration of this unique industry.