Gemar Creator

What is the shape of happiness? The one you choose!

Gemar Creator is available for use!

Gemar Creator is a unique new tool for balloon design to create realistic compositions with cutting-edge digital resources.

Follow your inspiration and assemble beautiful balloon displays at the touch of a click. That is the point. This is not just a balloon design tool, this is a marketing tool, it’ll be the only tool that you will need from now on. Create wonderful renderings for your customers, and at the end Gemar Creator will give you the material list of your project.

The features of Gemar Creator

Wide choice

Over 200 types of balloons available in a wide variety of shapes and colors to set up even the most original compositions. Let your imagination run wild!

Simplified layers management

The workflow is greatly facilitated by the ability to lock, hide, rename, merge and manage the layers and their hierarchy.

Design control

The different functions of the Inspector bar offer total mastery of the composition and of each individual balloon. You can edit, delete and review your work quickly and in just a few steps.

Preset gallery

From arches and walls to entire compositions, Gemar offers you a wide selection of perfect presets to enrich and enhance each project.


Originality is the essence of organic style. With Gemar Creator you unleash your inspiration and design unique compositions by assembling balloons of different formats and colours with unparalleled practicality.

All-inclusive License

The pricing structure is simple and straightforward, with one affordable license that grants you access to all of our features for one year. No automatic renewals, keep everything under control.


Are you ready to rewrite the rles of balloon design with us?

Take your balloon compositions to the next level and start designing stunning balloon creations in no time.

This is a must-have for any balloon artist, balloon beginner or balloon lover worldwide.


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