GemarDay Kazan

May 13th 2019

Balloon Fever Comes to Russia

GemarDay Kazan will be hard to forget, which is good because we wouldn’t want to. We made very good friends during our time in this beautiful unique Russian city which was greatly supported by our partner Europa Uno Trade and host Компания Волшебник. Many thanks to all the students from Vzakadem

What did we teach?

Our 2019 catalogue demonstrates the new designs and cutting edge trends we create at Gemar® HQ back in Italy. The GemarDays give us the perfect opportunity to showcase them to audiences around the world.

At this spectacular event, attendees were lucky enough to see the awesome Panda is the New Black range, Intergalactic, Time to Shine, Resurrecting the Roast and our unique customizable lesson, Customise It.

As well as getting to see all these showstopping ranges up close they were also lucky enough to see and experiment with balloon art using these themes as inspiration.

Pushing creative boundaries with joy

Our Masters, Claudio and Vincenzo have been working hard to create new innovative balloon art just for this event. We like to show up in each new city and be able to demonstrate new ideas, trends and displays. We take such joy in pushing creative boundaries and exploring the seemingly impossible.

One thing that particularly stood out at Kazan was the high energy. Every attendee had the opportunity to learn complicated balloon art displays with guided step-by-step support from global experts, now as serious as this sounds they did so with HUGE smiles on their faces. They were excited to learn and we could all feel this energy lift the moment.

We had so much fun sharing our limitless imagination with those who were brave enough to come and explore theirs. We will be back.