Gemar Day San Antonio #AmericanTour2022

Gemar takes the USA

Gemar’s American tour continues with a second stop in San Antonio. More than 200 participants were there! The atmosphere was so fantastic that we will never forget it. Here’s a little taste of the best moments.

The theme of San Antonio’s event was “America is naturally beautiful” Our Gemar Masters Claudio Casagrande & Vincenzo Musto, were joined by our Gemar Ambassador Lia Leottau to get wild and back to nature.

There were 4 turn which were prepared by our Masters and Ambassadors:

1. The first was organised by Lia and was about “Natural Magic”. The participants were in teams and built a rainbow with our Natural Range balloons. We were immediately immersed in a soft & pleasant environment, not to mention the magic brought by the energy of our Baby Queen Lia!

2. The second one was organised by Claudio and was called “Call of the Wild”. A wall made of G-link balloons to create a perfect nature-themed setting. It was an incredible opportunity to see Claudio working with G-link. He is a real professional, so after this course our guests received many useful tips.

3. The third lesson was given by Lia and was dedicated to bouquets and centrepieces. The topic was “Wild Celebration”. You can never have too many new ideas for bouquets; especially if they are very trendy.

4. The fourth & final lesson was called “Swing Days” and was organised by Vincenzo. It was a perfect combination of twisting and arches. We placed all the elements on the final decoration and got an incredible photozone.

Thank you Gemar USA team for this incredible event! Next stop is Houston. We’ll see you there on April 9th!

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