Gemar is now in the UK!

A new face in the UK balloon industry

We are set to burst into the party and balloon market in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, thanks in no small measure to the hard work of Grant Gilmour. Grant is our Sales Manager for the UK and Ireland so he’s the person to talk to if you’re a distributor looking to stock Gemar products. This is our chance to get to know him.

Hi Grant, tell us about yourself, how did you discover Gemar?

I’ve been working in the balloon and party industry ever since I graduated four years ago, with a degree in business management. I love the industry and I’ve worked with a few different brands, but I can honestly say that Gemar is the one I’m most excited about.

I had heard of Gemar’s work in America, and around the world, and I admired the brand very much. Having seen you at the 2020 Spring Fair I knew you were interested in expanding, but I would never have guessed then that just a year later it would be me bringing this fantastic product to the UK!

What attracted you to Gemar?

In an industry that can be surprisingly cold, Gemar is different. I love that when you work with Gemar you become part of a big Italian family! Whether it’s the fantastic customer service, the Go Green initiative or the way the community pulled together to support each other in 2020, I know that everyone will be welcomed with open arms and looked after.

Of course, Gemar also backs that up with amazing quality balloons. The focus is on really innovative designs and beautiful colours that you simply can’t get anywhere else, which of course my customers love. These are balloons made for decorators, driven by retail trends. Gemar can even customise or develop balloons specifically for the market – and you make it look so easy!

Quite simply the best balloons on the market, for the best price.

Do you have a favourite Gemar product?

Am I allowed three?

I love the new Shiny Heart balloons, they are so flexible and adaptable. Perfect for everything from a single balloon to bases and amazing organic arches, and the colours are just stunning!

Another thing that really caught my eye was the fact that you can “double stuff” Gemar balloons. They have a beautiful translucent quality which means you can put one balloon inside another to combine their colours. Balloon artists no longer have to be constrained by the colours available, now you can mix your own and play with colour just like an artist mixes paint. It’s an amazingly simple concept, but one that opens up a whole world of possibilities.

Finally, I just have to mention the new FSC®-certified range. Market norms are starting to trend towards sustainability and Gemar are leading the way in this. All Gemar products are produced with care for both the environment and the people involved. The new range takes that a step further by using rubber plantations and packaging that are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. When it comes to global impact, Gemar truly cares and the “Go Green” initiative is a philosophy that underpins everything they do.

What are your plans for Gemar in the UK?

I aim to make Gemar the leading brand of latex balloons in the UK, a real go-to company for both decorators and retail professionals. We love working with balloon artists, influencers and companies of all shapes and sizes!

We have already had a wonderful start, everyone I’ve spoken to has been delighted with the sheer quality of Gemar balloons, the innovative colours and designs, loving family values and of course the price point. In fact our products are already available through these wonderful distributors, so you can try Gemar quality out for yourself: