Gemar Loving The Planet

Let's protect our planet together

April 22nd marks the anniversary of Earth Day, the birth of the modern environmental movement, that has come to provide a voice to environmental consciousness and this year the official theme is “Invest in Our Planet”.

At Gemar, we understand the environmental challenges facing our planet, and we are committed to “Investing in our Planet” for a more sustainable future. As a leading global manufacturer of natural rubber balloons, our commitment to environmental stewardship has led us to set clear, ambitious, and achievable goals for a sustainable future.

Gemar is proud to lead the way into the future, being the first company in the balloon and party industry to adopt sustainability reporting certified according to GRI guidelines since 2018. Sustainability reporting is the yearly communication of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals—as well as a company’s progress towards them.

Gemar is the only manufacturer with the following accreditations:

  1. Gemar balloons are certified as 100% biobased content by accreditation body UL. This indicates that Gemar balloons are made from renewable sources and contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
  2. Gemar manufactures 100% FSC certified balloons, ensuring responsible forest management and the use of renewable resources. This certification demonstrates our commitment to environmentally and socially responsible practices, meeting the top consumer benefits of FSC-related products.
  3. Gemar is committed to the UN Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative and its principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption and supports the Sustainable Development Goals.
  4. Our future goals:
  • Gemar aims to be landfill free by ensuring 50% of our industrial waste is recycled by 2024, 90% by 2026 and 100% by 2028.
  • Gemar is investing in a balloon recycling scheme to be implemented by 2024.
  • Gemar is benchmarking its current carbon footprint and will aim to become net zero by 2028.

At Gemar®, we’re passionate about lifting the moment and creating memories that last, spreading the joy of balloons around the globe as we work with our partners and customers worldwide.
The simple sight of a balloon brings joy to people of all ages, and we firmly believe that we can spread that joy in an environmentally friendly, sustainable, and ethical way.

Join us in Lifting the Moment and Loving the Planet, we have created a special collection of digital assets that you can download and share to support our journey towards a more sustainable future.

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