Gemar on ANSA

Toys antidote to pandemic 🎈

Last September, Genesio Rocca had the opportunity to be interviewed on the subject of sustainability, a subject that is dear to us, on the FORUM AnsaAssogiocattoli.

“Italians have rediscovered the pleasure of playing at home with their children and the game, an essential good, is taking on a new central educational and cultural role.


In order to enhance the role of games, the campaign “Gioco per Sempre” (“Game Forever”) was born of Assogiocattoli. The project aims to make families aware of the importance of games as a tool for pedagogical, social and cultural growth and not only as a gift to be exchanged at birthdays and Christmas.


Even balloons, which have always been a symbol of celebration, are green. “They are made of rubber, 100% biodegradable, – explained Genesio Rocca, Vice President of Gemar Ballons, the largest European balloon producer. – Used balloons can also be reused to make other objects. For this reason, the ‘Don’t let go’ project was created to avoid letting them fly away and losing them”.”


Full video hereinterview of Genesio Rocca from 21’50 to 25’04

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