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Genesio talks Sustainability on Soldi TV

Fans of the LIKE program on Soldi TV may have seen a familiar face on November 27th, when Genesio Rocca made an appearance to discuss the role of sustainability in the Italian economy.

The program considered the impact that the pandemic has had on Italian business, highlighting that some businesses have struggled while others have focused on innovation, found new opportunities and continued to grow. Paolo Federici, Market Head of UBS Global Wealth Management in Italy, pointed out that the businesses which did well all have one thing in common – a focus on sustainability.

Of course Gemar is a perfect example of a business with sustainability at its core, and one which was able to keep going throughout 2020 and beyond.

Genesio shared that Gemar never stopped production, instead adapting to the new circumstances and even achieving new environmental certifications and reducing our carbon footprint.

It doesn’t end there though, Genesio made it clear that sustainability is not an end point, something to be achieved before moving on to other topics. Instead it is a process of constant improvement which puts people, both staff and customers, firmly at the center of everything we do.

This is a process that we are firmly committed to, and one which Paolo Federici also sees as increasingly important for all businesses.

We would like to thank Soldi TV for inviting Genesio to talk about such an important topic. As a business with a long history we can’t help but look to the future as well. We aim for sustainability, for Gemar, for the people we work with and for the planet as a whole. After all – this will be our legacy for many generations to come.

Did you miss it? Catch up by watching the full recording here.


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