Gemar Spirit 🎨🎈

A rivalry to a whole new level !

The Gemar Spirit competition took rivalry to a whole new level. There was no time limit, no balloon kit and no instructions. We weren’t even necessarily judging an individual sculpture. For this contest we wanted to find balloon artists who embody the spirit of our work, our philosophies and our passion. At Gemar we don’t just make balloons, we make a difference and we wanted to see that spark in you too. You didn’t disappoint! We had three very worthy winners.


❤️ ⚡️Arturo Castro Marquez didn’t just create a beautiful display. He has captured the heart and soul of Venezuela. He has created a piece full of symbolism, from the araguaney tree with it’s yellow blossom to the largest waterfall in the world and flowers in the colours of the Venezuelan flag. This is not just a balloon sculpture, this is Gemar Spirit.


❤️ ⚡️Lidia Lopez Quesdada took part in the #gemarflashmob challenge in 2020, learning new skills from video tutorials during lockdown. In true Gemar Spirit, she has made fantastic use of those skills, applying a variety of techniques to great success. We love that Lidia is always learning, and producing such amazing work!


❤️ ⚡️Gemar is all about lifting the moment and Anyelina Checo embodies that philosophy. During the pandemic she created a movement and recruited over 100 participants to “Share a Smile with Balloons.” Spreading joy in times of trouble is a perfect example of the Spirit of Gemar.


Congratulations to each and every one of you! 🥰