Gemar workshop in Norway

Gemar's Tampilipe meets Norway partner Fargerike Drømmer

The Gemar Workshop took place on 4th and 5th of  November 2022 in Norway, more precisely in Farsund, in collaboration with our local partner Fargerike Drømmer and  with our energetic and talented Gemar Ambassador Tampilipe.

Many balloon artists from all of Norway gathered at the Farsund Fjordhotel to expand their knowledge in this fascinating industry.

The first day began with the registration of the participants, the delivery of the goodie bags and with the video presentation of Gemar.

After a brief introduction, the work on the octopus started, first Tampilipe explained what techniques would be used and then once divided the participants into 4 groups, they all started working.

Tampilipe was surprised by how smoothly the work unfolded and the sculpture was completed in the late afternoon. As soon as that ended, all participants took part in the competition called “the second life of balloons”. The participants and Tampilipe spent a wonderful evening, where our Gemar Ambassador selected the winners of the competition and presented them with a lot of prizes!

Another added detail of the beautiful evening: one of the customers sponsored a delicious cake with the Gemar logo!

The second day took place around the theme “Love is in the air”. The participants were looking forward to this moment, since they had been waiting for lesson about the foam board for about two years. The techniques Tampilipe uses are phenomenal.

Once the instructor gave all the necessary explanations, the groups started working on their letters. A background wall was created with a “Love” inscription.

As soon as the group work was completed, another decoration competition was held using the Heart stand. The competition lasted an hour and each decoration was different from the other, original and very interesting.

On the second day a well-known Norwegian newspaper visited  the venue, giving a detailed description of the event.

The participants were very happy to take  part in the workshop, they showed strong interest in the Gemar world, one of the participants said something that made us emotional: “If not for Monika and Gemar, we wouldn’t have had anything to work with during Covid.” These are the things that make us all very happy proud of what we do every day.

Thank you Monika and thank you Norway! See you soon!