GemarDay Budapest

June 5th 2019

Balloon’s Go Green in Budapest

Last week GemarDay arrived in the beautiful, historical city of Budapest with our partners and friends from Funny Box. Our masters Claudio and Cristian were on hand to showcase the wondrous, share incredible balloon art skills and communicate the Gemar Go Green message.

Summer Heat

Appreciating the longer, warm summer days, our masters decided to go tropical. The show-stopping balloon art structure they created was totally tropical, with bright colours and treats from the tropics. This wasn’t even a planned structure, but a spontaneous exploration with extraordinary results!

Go Green with Gemar®

There is a real cultural shift in 2019 and the world is certainly waking up to the need to go green but here at Gemar®, sustainability has been something we have been striving towards for years.

True sustainability requires a holistic approach, looking at all elements of the business and taking action to ensure that we do what everything we can to reduce the impact of our balloons on the environment and the people around the world who make Gemar® work.

Part of this is the sustainable latex we source to make the balloons themselves. We want to spread the message that this material is not plastic and therefore should not be considered in the single-use plastic category.  Although the material we use does biodegrade, it’s still important that we all use and dispose of balloons responsibly.

While we were at GemarDay Budapest, we used the opportunity to spread this important message. Here at Gemar®, we promote that when a customer has finished with a balloon, they ‘pop it and bin it.’ #dontletgo is our message. Hold onto the magic of balloons and resist the urge to let them float away. Remember what goes up must come down.

This ensures that the balloon is able to safely biodegrade away in a safe place without causing any harm to nature and the environment.

A cause for celebration

At the heart of everything we do is wonder and fun and this is especially true at the GemarDay events. Our campaign was a celebration of balloons that can be enjoyed responsibly. We put this message out in our usual fun way, inviting delegates to enjoy cake, special balloons and t-shirts all sporting the helpful reminder #dontletgo! Who says education can’t be fun?!

Thank you, Budapest

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Funny Box, the beautiful people of Budapest and of course our very own masters who made this event spectacular and somewhat tropical.

The green message was well received and everyone enjoyed the cake!

We look forward to coming back next year to visit our friends again and make new ones.