GemarDay Warsaw 2022

Poland stop for Gemar with GoDan

Last 8th and 9th of September we held the GemarDay Poland stop in the company of GoDan in Warsaw.

Gemar Masters Claudio Casagande, Vincenzo Musto and Cristian Olibardi hosted 6 classes in 2 days in which they explained different balloon art techniques.

The 1st decoration was called “Sweet Dreams” and Cristian created a beautiful rainbow arch shaped, he finished off adding heart shaped raindrops using the distortion technique. Pastel colors made this creation the perfect one for a baby shower or child’s party.

The 2nd was Welcome to the Jungle created by Vincenzo; this creation gets you to discover your wild side and lets your imagination go on a jungle adventure. You’ll learn how to create sculptures that bring your jungle scene to life and let you walk among the trees.

The 3rd and last sculpture of the first day had a Wedding theme and it was made by Vincenzo, who gave an inspiration for the perfect and easy decoration for a sensational weddings celebration with sophisticated style.

On the second day Gemar master Cristian made “Boho Dreams” where he got our mind to travel back to summer days. The warmth of the sun and the smell of fresh grass. What emerged was the perfect decor for summer weddings and parties.

Gemar master Claudio made the 2nd balloon creation named “Call of the wild”, taking us on the wild side using G-link balloons.

Finally, the creation made by Cristian named “18 on Fire” is an inspiration to make Birthdays and celebrations more than just a passing moment in time.

We had a great time in Poland! Looking forward to the next meeting!
Take a look at the event snapshots!