GemarDay Sofia 2022

It's showtime in Bulgaria for the 2022 GemarDay event

On Wednesday the 9th of November the Bulgaria Gemar Day 2022 took place in Sofia, a professional course in balloon decoration in collaboration with the Gemar Partner Ukrasi.

The event was attended by Gemar Masters Claudio Casagrande, Cristian Olibardi, Roberta Pinto and Gemar Talent Federica Fois.

It was Claudio to begin, who gave a detailed demonstration of the Gemar Creator platform, available from January for all balloon artists and not.

Claudio during the explanation, created on the platform in digital format a Balloon wall, identical to the one present in the event hall to make his demonstration clearer.

The first practical lesson was on Cristian, who created together with the participants 15 Star Arches arranged in a row creating a tunnel, following the theme Candy Style.

It was then Federica‘s turn, among the excitement for her first lesson, she built together with the participants 15 beautiful hearts using Gemar’s  Heart shaped balloon kit.

Roberta was the creator of the wonderful Christmas tree, also using the theme Candy Style, the practice lesson carried out not only included the realization of the tree but also all the smallest decorative elements.

The event in Sofia was a real success, considering the participation of 150 people, mainly from Bulgaria but it is important to note that artists from Serbia and Macedonia also travelled a long way to join us in this amazing event.

It was a really big pleasure to spend this day with all of you and to bring you a little bit of Italy.

150 people joined us for this wonderful event. The Gemar Family is growing and we are happy to continue supporting the Bulgarian Balloon Society.

Thank you to Ukrasi, we are really looking forward to another GemarDay together. See you soon! Ciao!