Gergő on national television in Hungary!

Waking up with Gergő

Gemar Ambassador Gergő Csatai had to wake up early recently – to appear on national morning television in Hungary!

As a natural showman, Gergő is always at his best sharing his love of balloon art with the world, whether that’s through his work as a “clown doctor” bringing joy to children in hospital, on the stage or even in front of the whole nation!

Wherever you see him, Gergő’s passion for balloons always shines through and he brings a smile to our faces every time. Not only that, he can connect with any audience and is equally at home twisting a simple balloon animal for a child or teaching advanced skills in one of our workshops.

No stranger to the small screen, Gergő has appeared several times before as a guest of András Csonka. Infact, Andras is a long standing client of Gergő’s and very much a fan of his work. Andras has bought several balloon sculptures over the years, and once had the neighbour’s curtains twitching when he came to collect his order in person.

On this occasion Andras and fellow host Zoltán Bereczki welcomed Gergő onto Life TV’s morning show “Wake up with us”. He brought along a selection of festive sculptures, including Santa himself, and showed viewers how they can use simple balloon art to brighten up their own festive parties.

Gergő always enjoys going along to the studio, it could be an intimidating experience but instead the warm welcome he receives makes it feel like a friendly chat. He certainly seems to belong in front of the camera.

If you missed it, you can still see Gergő sharing his knowledge with the world in our free video tutorials. Sign up here for access.