Go Green: Community

What does community mean to you?

The reality is that communities are changing.

For some people, community is centered around neighbours. It means having people who can care for a baby in an emergency, pop round for a cup of tea or fetch shopping for anyone who can’t get out.

For some, community means a church group, a sports club, or a school. A group that gathers together in a particular place and time to work towards a common goal.

Increasingly, community can mean a group of people who may never meet in person. Online groups who offer their members support and friendship, sometimes forging deeper connections than in the “real world.”

Whatever form your communities take, we believe that they are vital to human happiness. We were never meant to live in isolation. Humans are created to be part of a network of relationships, supporting others when we can and receiving support when we need it.

Being part of a community means feeling that you are part of something bigger than you are, feeling that you matter. It is a place to find opportunities and work towards new goals, and a place where you can feel safe.

Communities matter.

This is why we take every opportunity we can to support the communities we come into contact with. So that they can support the many people who rely on them. Of course, this looks different in different places.

Here in Casalvieri we are able to help our local community in many ways. It’s our pleasure to support local schools and sponsor sports competitions, summer festivals and many other events. Our support helps to strengthen these communities, giving people opportunities to connect. Of course, they are also great fun!

Over the last few years the online community has become so much more important. When the events of 2020 changed the way we interacted with each other we were keen to help. We knew that many people would feel isolated and afraid, without access to their usual in-person support. So we focused on building a true online community for the Gemar family, and using balloon art to reach out to the wider world as well.

Communities are vital, but they sometimes need to be nurtured. Wherever they are, and whatever form they take one thing stays the same – the people are always at the center. We help strengthen communities because we want to bring security, fun, happiness, health, support and joy to as many people as we can.

Lifting the moment in more ways than one!


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