At Gemar®, we’re passionate about lifting the moment whilst protecting the planet.

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Lifting the Moment, Loving our Planet

At Gemar®, we’re passionate about lifting the moment and creating memories that last, spreading the joy of balloons around the globe as we work with our partners and customers worldwide. The simple sight of a balloon brings joy to people of all ages, and we firmly believe that we can spread that joy in an environmentally friendly, sustainable
and ethical way.

Loving Balloons & The Planet

Industry leader in sustainability

Gemar® is proud to lead the way into the future, being the first company in the balloon
and party industry to adopt sustainability reporting certified according to GRI guidelines.


We use bio-based rubber latex

All our balloons are made from “caoutchouc”- a natural, renewable and 100% biobased
rubber latex.The latex is combined with organic pigments and this makes our balloons
biodegradable at the same rate as an oak leaf.

Carbon Footprint

We are committed to reduce our carbon footprint. From the rubber plantation to finished balloons leaving the factory, we save 29.09 ton of carbon dioxide per ton of balloons.


Of the materials used in our manufacturing process are renewable materials

Our manufacturing process uses 93% renewable materials. All of our packaging is
reusable, recyclable or FSC®-certified.



Gemar is proud to announce the new range of Gemar balloons as 100% FSC®-certified
(FSC™ C155424). This range is packaged in recyclable and reusable balloon bags.
With this new range we are providing our customers with the option to purchase
natural rubber products made in a way that is good for both people and nature.


of our workforce have a permanent contract

Behind our success are a team of highly skilled and dedicated individuals – who are our
greatest asset. It is important to us that everyone is treated well. In fact the core values
of integrity, transparency, responsibility and loyalty underpin everything we do, and that
includes our business relationships. For those working on site in Casalvieri, that means
95% have the security of a permanent contract and all are able to work full time in fair
and safe conditions.

Safety is

We comply with the most stringent European standards and regulations for quality and toy safety

Our products are expertly made in Italy with pride and passion, in fair working conditions
and without ethical compromises. All processes, from design to manufacturing, comply
with the most stringent European standards and regulations for quality and toy safety.

Education &

From supporting local schools to building community through events & our Balloonista channel

Not only do we provide financial support to local schools and events, we also take a
hands-on approach. Our balloon experts love to share fun and practical classes, both at
events and online. Through our unique Balloonista® program we share educational
video tutorials with people across the world, inspiring them to create and discover the
joy and passion for balloons.


Assogiocattoli and the European Balloon & Party Council (EBPC), Party Safe, SEDEX,

We are an active member of Assogiocattoli and the European Balloon & Party Council
(EBPC), organisations dedicated to improving industry standards and promoting best
practices and responsible use of balloons through Party Safe. Gemar® is also a member
of SEDEX, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to improving the ethics of global
supply chains as well as European standardization bodies CEN-CENELEC and UNI.


Hours of research & development in 2019

We look back on four generations of our family of balloon manufacturers with an
unshakable passion and pride, but we’re not stuck in the past. With a long tradition of
innovation, we aim to lead the way into the future and in 2019 dedicated 5488 hours to
research and development.


Gemar® is committed to the UN GLOBAL COMPACT corporate responsibility initiative
and its principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-

The United Nations Global Compact is the world’s largest voluntary initiative based on
CEO commitments to implement universal sustainability principles and share
responsibility for achieving a better world.