Hands-On Challenge

A gathering of incredible talent !

We have been busy looking at the fantastic entries for the Hands-On competition 🙌There were many wonderful entries, we were blown away to see so much creativity and talent. It really was a challenge to narrow it down to just ten winners, but after much debate we have chosen our favourites 💙


🥁 Drum roll please… and the winners of the “hands-on” Challenge are 🏆


⚡️Ariana Villarreal took inspiration from Irina Gvozdenko’s Pink Party. She shared a gorgeous flamingo, nestled amongst pink flowers.

⚡️Anyelina checo enjoyed Luz & Omar’s session and used their volume technique to create a beautiful sunflower display.

⚡️Adriana Osorio created several beautiful sculptures, but it was her woodland scene that caught our attention. We loved the tree, complete with woodland friends.

⚡️Karla Reynoso Flores showed wonderful imagination and creativity. She created a “GemarDay Bouquet” which celebrated the fun and learning of the whole event.

⚡️Johanna Aguilera said Vincenzo reminded her of how much she misses days spent by the sea. Her surfer will certainly bring back some of that fun!

⚡️Ana María Martínez Vicente, who made good use of Cristian Olibardi’s class to create three cheeky toadstools gathered under a shady tree.

⚡️Paula Andrea Velez Gaviria, was very busy indeed! We loved all of her work, but it was the sculpture inspired by Yulys Charles that earned her a winning place.

⚡️Carmen Dias took us on a camping trip. She used techniques from many of the classes to great effect.

⚡️Arturo Castro combined techniques learned in many of the classes to create a wonderful nature scene. If only we could step right into it!

⚡️Rosy Mendez fell into Candy Land along with Tampilipe. She has made a delicious looking cupcake, complete with sprinkles and a strawberry on the top.


Well done to each and every one of you, and to everyone who entered.

Keep lifting the moment.


#gemarlovesyou ❤️
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